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About Us

Ninety Nine

Ninety Nine is the only one of its kind in the area of spinning and spreading novel ideas of creativity same mindlessness and positive thinking which aims to and promote talents and abilities of all kinds including entrepreneurial ability inherent in fellow beings. We believe in the principle of sharing of ideas as sharing means acquiring strength. Come and cooperate with us to lead the world of positive thoughts and fruitful actions.


Success in personal and professional life of all individual depends on the unique and subtle convictions and sanctity of relations among people. Idea factory is a novel concept designed for propagating the need for building human relations and sharing and promoting original ideas and brainstorming for the advancement of individuals, business and the society.

  • Our vision

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  • Our mission

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    Idea Factory founded on genuine human relationships. The fraternity believes in caring and sharing be it a piece of knowledge or a vast experience that would be beneficial to the individuals associated or to the society we live in. It explores various arena of philanthropy and interprsonal relationship.


    Idea Factory has a clear view on its intentions. The consortium believes in pragmatic dimensions. It encourages the initiation, generation, collection and wise propagation of ideas that make revolutionary changes in the world.


    • This organization prefers attitude and commitment of members as its subscription fee.
    • This is a novel concept in in this contemporary world
    • Gather knowledge beyond curriculum
    • Explore the professional mastermind
    • Update and upgrade yourselves by 1% everyday
    • Serve the well - iterated knowledge to the needy
    • Achieve the goal and make the situation win-win
    • Make a solution by blending theory, practice and creativity
    • Squeeze the profit out of the past keep it for the future.

    • Enrich and enlighten individual, family and social life
    • Network and make a creative web of Yesterday, Todat and Tomorrow
    • Enjoy facing the new issues, problems and challenges
    • Accept the philosophy of pleasure
    • Concentrate and strengthen your distinct forte
    • Obey the principle of 3T-Though, Time and Taste
    • Find the available resources out and its optimum utility
    • Focus on the wheel of life.
    • etc...